Bentley Restaurant & Bar, Sydney

Confident, assertive, suave and at times, daring. These are all terms to describe me on RSVP, but I’ve found a restaurant that fits the ‘perfect gentlemen’ bill - Bentley Restaurant and Bar.

Styled like a Seal concert, Bentley is dark, moody and very swanky indeed. The food ups the ante with clever use of science, left-of-field ingredients (e.g. Kangaroo, riberries) and technique to craft stunning food. A mound of freeze dried foie gras shaved over sashimi scallop and a dusting of dehydrated raspberry exemplifies this on a plate. Wickedly good.

Service still had a few wrinkles to iron out: rushed explanations, erratic and slow pacing of dishes are a little concerning at this level. But all is quickly forgotten as you conclude with the delights of aerated chocolate with lemon aspen. This place is palate swagger left, right and centre.

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