Grano, Wetherill Park

Nestled in the middle of industrial suburbia is Grano: styled like a backyard garage sale for a ladies tupperware party, it breaks the mould of the concrete jungle that surrounds it. The owners clearly saw something we didn’t.

You get all the hipster touches from mismatched furniture, herb garden beds and food served in pots and pans that seem to consume precious table real estate more than anything. Thankfully the food does make up for the clutter. It’s no gourmet’s dream, but for a fresh and rustic take on Italian classics, it satisfies like the duck ragu with gnocchi and broccoli salad with ricotta and walnut.

Grano’s generosity on the plate means this place is best shared amongst your tupperware party to get a spread on the expansive menu. At least you can chat about spring blooms whilst munching on a pizza.

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