Sagra, Darlinghurst

Just look at those plates, all you see is 2 or 3 things on it - that’s it. None of that heavy sauce, foams or garnishes that some chefs seem to get carried away with. The kitchen is intuitive in creating a tight seasonal menu that just knows when to give and when to stop. Impressive.

The best way to enjoy Sagra is to get a spread over the nibbles, house made pastas and then moving onto the bigger plates. The portion size might upset a nonna but the prices are a steal - $18 for a bowl of tagliatelle ragu? Hell yeah! The menu changes frequently which means that your favourite today may never return, but it’s certainly reliable when it comes to taste and service.

Sagra is the simple crowd pleaser to shake up the Italian institutions of overpriced red sauce and cheese joints. It’s like the iPhone of Italian restaurants in Sydney, with lots of ‘bon appetito’.

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