Three Williams, Redfern

Like me, Sydney has been through a recent renaissance over the last 2 years - a cafe renaissance! Cafe aficionado’s no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars to fly down to Melbourne for espresso and eggs. Thanks to people with sensibility, they setup some mighty fine cafes in Sydney like Three Williams.

Ok so the trendy new cafe is getting a little too formulaic, and Three Williams is no exception: chefs from hatted restaurants sick of fine dining, industrial warehouse interiors and a carbon-neutral coffee blend from a third-world nation. Yep, yep, yep seen it all before.

But lets not generalise here, Three Williams does an unstoppable roasted cauliflower salad good enough to convert carnivores and highly-addictive fish croquettes. Those ‘narnies’ aren’t bad either (a genius pun on a sarnie using naan instead) if you can brave messy hands and a unimpressed date.

Three Williams is yet another cafe success story for Sydney, so much so that Melbournians might start flying here. Good luck taking our beaches.

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