Cipro Pizza Al Talgio, Alexandria

Tired of the red sauce Italian joints with burly waiters, tacky tablecloth and artery clogging dishes? You really start to wonder what is really meant by ‘authentic’ Italian these days. Along comes Cipro, styled like a bakery cafe where you place your order at the counter, sit on communal benches, and not a Mario in sight. From first impressions, there’s nothing very Italian about it at all.

That is until you try the Pizza: it’s marvellous. Airy crisp base, with a hint of chew that’s generously topped with ingredients not commonly seen by a Pizza Hut employee. Whilst some will struggle without the Supreme or Hawaiian option, they’re all fresh, light and very very tasty. Don’t miss those golden arancini balls that are perfectly crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside. A perfect starter.

To finish, there’s even house churned pavlova gelato. Told you it’s un-Italian. But you know what makes it Italian? The food comes from the heart - honest, satisfying and delicious. Grazie Cipro, you make a good pizza pie no?

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