The Woods, Sydney CBD

There’s this unwritten rule of thumb that restaurants inside hotels are there for the sake of convenience and not a destination in its own right. A bit like that $8 bottle of Evian water in the mini bar. Will you take it? The Woods is a concept that attempts to tackle the hoteliers curse, promising food that’s worth dining in for.

The Woods is all about celebrating great produce with unfussy preparation. The flames from the wood burning oven is the centrepiece of inspiration for the menu - even the ash is used to cure the ocean trout. Whilst my palate may not be able to discern a fish cooked under applewood, the results are undeniably tasty. The food here is so deceptively wholesome and simple in presentation, your ‘paleo’ pals will happily stop talking about their diets and start eating.

Okay, so you won’t be able to change those lofty hotel prices (it’s the Four Seasons after all), but you now have the option to eat well, drink well and sleep well all in the one joint. Not sure if it extends to room service, but all we have to solve now is the mini bar scandal.

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